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Heather Kane
Heather Kane
Heather Kane

Heather Kane

Heather Kane has been with Epsom Radio since 1998.

You can listen to Heather Kane on Epsom Hospital Radio every Saturday from 10am till midday.

Heather Kane is also on the committee and is the station's treasurer.

Questions and Answers: 

What's your favourite genre of music?

I like all types of music, I don't stick to one particular genre of music on my show, I keep getting asked what my favourite band is and I give a different answer every time as I like so many.

When you're not at Epsom Hospital Radio, what are you doing?

I enjoy being outdoors, I run the Epsom 10K run every year, so I’m quite often training for that!

If you had £1,000,000 to spend on yourself and no-one else what would you spend it on?

I would travel around the world.

What is your ideal holiday destination?

In the summertime I like to stay in the British Isles. In the winter, anywhere that’s warm and sunny.

What is your favourite film?

I don't tend to watch films, I prefer documentaries I did enjoy Back To The Future though!

What is your favourite TV programme?

I like to watch history of music documentaries, hits of through the decades, I quite often make note of interesting facts to read out on my show.

Who is your favourite comedian?

Catherine Tate, so very versatile.

Who is your favourite sports team/star?

I watched a football match once and thought it was great! Seriously though, I watch the boat race every year and cheer on Oxford/Cambridge.

What is your favourite drink?

Apple Juice.

What is your favourite food?

Apples and Chocolate, but not at the same time.

What inspires you?

The sunrise.

Middle name?

I'm not telling, I'm just pleased it's not my first name.

Star sign?

The one with the best horoscope.

Weird & wonderful talents?

Smiling, people always smile back at me!

Most treasured belongings?

My teddy bear.

Favourite smell?

Hot Apple Pie.

What was the Number 1 single on the day you were born?

I'm not telling.

What record drives you mad when you hear it?

A broken one or one with a scratch.

What is your favourite album?

I tend to buy the 'Now Thats What I Call Music' compilations.

Have you met anyone famous and if so, under what circumstances?

One can dream.

Who is your favourite radio presenter?

I don't have a favourite.

Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal dinner date and why?

Difficult to answer but I'd like to think he was smartly dressed.

If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be the items you'd need most?

My radio of course.