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Puja has been with Epsom Hospital Radio since August 2018.

She presents her show every Wednesday from 11am - 1pm.

Questions and Answers: 

What's your favourite genre of music?

Jazz Pop 


When you're not at Epsom Hospital Radio, what are you doing?

Writing and baking professionally


If you had £1,000,000 to spend on yourself and no-one else what would you spend it on?

Personal staff: chauffeur, chef, hairstylist and wardrobe assistant


What is your ideal holiday destination?

Florence, Italy


What is your favourite film?

Back to the Future series


What is your favourite TV programme?

Sherlock on BBC


Who is your favourite comedian?

Melissa McCarthy


Who is your favourite sports team/star?

Team India (cricket)


What is your favourite drink?

Tim Horton's Iced Cappucino


What is your favourite food?

Spaghetti alio olio


What inspires you?

Human kindness 


Middle name?



Star sign?



Weird & wonderful talents?

Extraordinary multi-tasking abilities, jack of MANY trades, singing


Most treasured belongings?

My kids' baby shoes (to remember that it all passes too soon), my baking recipe collection from over the years


Favourite smell?

Vanilla beans


What was the Number 1 single on the day you were born?

The Name of the Game by ABBA


What record drives you mad when you hear it?

Anything by Black Sabbath


Have you met anyone famous and if so, under what circumstances?

Some members of the Indian cricket team on a recent trip to Cardiff to watch India v England T20 game.


Who is your favourite radio presenter?

Shelagh Fogarty on LBC


Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal dinner date and why?

Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada. He seems like an intelligent, eloquent man who's also cute!


If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be the items you'd need most?

Toiletries, food source, books and a hammock.