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Heather Kane
Heather Kane
Steve Woods

Steve Woods

Steve Woods has been with Epsom Hospital Radio since November 2019.

Steve does two shows each week:

  • Sunday nights from 8 - 10pm - The Soul Dance and Jazz/Funk Classic Grooves Show
  • Tuesday nights from 8 - 10pm - One Station Under A Groove - 90’s Club Classic Anthems and R'n'B


Questions and Answers: 

What's your favourite genre of music?
I’ve always had great admiration and passion for soul & jazz funk music of the eighties and general R&B, dance and I love house music, basically most forms of good soul and dance music applies.
Other music enjoyed includes soft rock such as Genesis, Pink Floyd, & Steely Dan.

When you're not at Epsom Hospital Radio, what are you doing?
I like to get out and play golf, see my team Crystal Palace play as often as possible, visit good music concerts and dance venue’s. I love meeting young people in a music orientated environment, also enjoy the occasional pint down the pub with my mates.

If you had £1,000,000 to spend on yourself and no-one else what would you spend it on?
I’d invest in buying property, live in Portugal, enjoy good holidays, buy a state of the art radio and music studio, buy a decent car and if any money is left over look after my good mates and finally give money towards “ Royal Marsden cancer research & Battersea dogs home.

What is your ideal holiday destination?
I love the Caribbean and West Indies- Barbados & Antigua, but I could equally be happy settling with Portugal.

What is your favourite film?
I love Jack Nicholson’s “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” & “The Shinning. Densel Washington’s-“ Man On Fire,” “Training Day,” “Apocalypse Now,” “The Godfather,” “Goodfellas” and Bruce Willis -“Tears Of The Sun”.

What is your favourite TV programme?
Only Fools & Horses / Sweeney (originals).

Who is your favourite comedian?
Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill & Dave Allen.

Who is your favourite sports team/star?
Crystal Palace/Eagles -South London’s No1, Ian Wright, Andy Johnson & Wilfred Zaha.

What is your favourite drink?
I drink a lot of tea, but love a good quality Brandy & Port ,I like red wines like Merlot also a pint of Fosters or Pride in the pub, depending on the time of year.

What is your favourite food?
I love seafood, Italian food (spag bowls etc), roast dinners especially lamb, but would settle for pies & mash any day. I adore good quality jellied eels.

What inspires you?
The sunshine and my music. The reward of playing good uplifting music of my choice in clubs, I like seeing people dancing and enjoying themselves feeling the vibe, gives me a lot of satisfaction as well as meeting new and exciting people.

Middle name?
“Soul to the Bone!” My nickname is Woodsy.

Star sign?
Leo the lion - be careful of the roar!!!

Weird & wonderful talents?
Being alive and direct on the planet.

Most treasured belongings?
My home and my music collection is my salvation.

Favourite smell?
I love the smell of grass when it’s just been cut and also Lilys.

What was the Number 1 single on the day you were born?
Elvis Presley - it’s now or never.

What record drives you mad when you hear it?
Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen or Black Lace - Agadoo.

What is your favourite album?
Too many to choose from, but would probably be the greatest hits of both Roy Ayers and Glen Jones, also the group Change and I love the Gary Taylor album Take Control.

Have you met anyone famous and if so, under what circumstances?
During my lucrative career as DJ with forty years’ experience working the clubs, bars and pub circuit in and around London and the South East, I have been very lucky and fortunate to have worked with a lot of people who are well known in the music industry: radio DJ’s such as Greg Edwards, John Sachs, Neil Fox, Neil Long, Les Adams and more.
I particularly remember one night, I had the pleasure to have worked with Chris Tarrant, just prior to him starting his new breakfast show on Capital Radio back in 1987, when he made a guest appearance while a was working at the time at a pub / club on the Wandsworth one way system then known at the time as Freeways.
Another one of my club resident venues I played at, in Purley called Scarlets Night Club, we often had music PA’s and often we had back in the late ‘80s appearances from George Michael, who I got to meet regularly, as well as the soul band Loose Ends, amongst other artists and musicians at the time.
On one unexpected occasion, many years ago, I had the pleasure to had accidentally stumbled across Rod Stewart in a quiet, off the road, back street pub just outside Redhill, he is one of the idols of my younger years, I couldn’t even talk with the shock and surprise, so my partner went up to him for me and got his autograph, I wanted to buy him a pint!!!
Finally, also years back, I had a brief encounter for all of a couple of minutes when I bumped into Noel Edmonds and his wife who were returning home from Faro airport in Portugal, naturally I gave him one of my business cards for when he needed a good club DJ, he chuckled and saw the humerous side (as they say ”it’s all about who you know you know!!!“).

Who is your favourite radio presenter?
Robbie Vincent & Greg Edwards.

Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal dinner date and why?
My ideal person I would love to meet and have dinner and a chat with would be Mariah Carey, we could talk music all night long  and possibly even complete the night with a dance.
I would find it interesting to meet Boris Johnson, as I find him to be a charismatic character with plenty of clout, energy, enthusiasm and a will to influence, I would like to know what makes him tick besides being the PM.

If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be the items you'd need most?
First and foremost water and a good looking nurse to keep me healthy in my later years and to keep an eye on my blood pressure!!!
Finally a good massive pumping bass sound system so I could play all my Soul, Funk, R&B, House and Garage (NICE & LOUD!!!)